How Boat Lifts Protect Your Docked Boat

How Boat Lifts Protect Your Docked Boat

When it comes to boat docking, you have two common options. Firstly, you can simply leave your boat in the water, securely tied up at the dock. This approach is favored for its simplicity and easy access to your boat. The second option involves using a boat lift, and in this guide, we’ll explore why boat lifts are crucial for your boat’s longevity and discuss their various advantages after you have your boat docked.

However, one fundamental question often arises when considering boat lifts: What exactly are they for, and how do they work?

So, what are boat lifts?

Boat lifts come in different forms but address the same core concern. Essentially, a boat lift’s primary purpose is to elevate your boat above the water’s surface while it’s docked. This means your boat can be lifted out of the water and safely lowered back when you want to use it. This approach offers numerous significant benefits.

Think about how long your boat might sit in the water between uses. For some, weeks or even months can pass without setting sail. Prolonged exposure to water can be detrimental to your boat, and we’ll delve into why shortly.

Is a boat lift a necessity?

Strictly speaking, you don’t “need” a boat lift. It’s not illegal to keep your boat in the water, which is why many people opt for this method. However, investing in a boat lift is highly recommended if you’re truly dedicated to preserving your boat’s condition. It provides a straightforward way to raise your boat out of the water, protecting it from waves and other potential issues. A boat lift is a must-have if you aim to keep your boat in excellent condition for as long as possible.

What are the benefits of using boat lifts?

Using a boat lift can have a remarkable impact on your watercraft. Here are the main advantages you’ll enjoy:

  1. Protection from Waves: When your boat is in the water, it’s exposed to waves, which can gradually weaken its structure. Additionally, water movement can cause your boat to sway and potentially collide with the dock or nearby vessels. A boat lift secures your boat above the water, shielding it from wave-induced damage.

  2. Reduced Corrosion Risk: Keeping your boat in the water for extended periods can lead to corrosion on the hull. A boat lift prevents this corrosion, preserving the bottom of your boat and protecting its paint job.

  3. Extended Boat Lifespan: By preventing corrosion and water damage, a boat lift ultimately prolongs the life of your boat. This preservation ensures your boat retains its value, making it a more attractive option if you sell it.

  4. Enhanced Security: Boat lifts also provide an added layer of security. It’s more challenging for potential thieves to steal a boat on a lift, as they’d need to lower it into the water and detach it from the dock, increasing the likelihood of detection.

In summary, what are boat lifts used for?

In conclusion, the primary purpose of boat lifts is to raise boats above the water when they are docked and lower them when you’re ready to use them again. This simple mechanism offers numerous benefits for boat owners, including protection from water damage, reduced corrosion risk, extended boat lifespan, and enhanced security.

Consider investing in a boat lift if you want to improve your boat docking approach. Contact the experts at LOTO Lift today to discover why our lifts are trusted by boaters across Missouri and the United States.

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